Bella Contact Lenses

Bella Contact Lenses have multiple popular collections including Bella Diamond, Bella Glow, Bella Natural, Bella Contour, Bella Elite(most recent). Bella Lenses are worn by world-famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Maya Diab, Nadine Naseeb Njeim!

Where are Bella Lenses most popular?

Bella Lenses are the most popular in the Across the Middle East, specifically in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyad, Jeddah, Salmiya. Also quite popular in the United States, Australia & the U.K.

How long can I wear Bella Lenses for?

Bella Collections Elite, Glow, Contour, Diamond & Natural can be worn for up to 1 month before replacing.

Do Bella Lenses come as Plano or do they have a prescription/rx power option?

Yes, Bella Lenses are available in Plano and with Power/Prescription.

Why Buy Bella?

Bella Lenses are 100% UV protected, comfortable throughout the day, unique artistic designs & great prices!

What is the base curve, diameter, water content, material & number of lenses per box for Bella Contact Lenses?

Base curve: 8.6, Diameter: 14.5, Material: Polymacon, Water Content: 38%,  

How much can I get a pair of Bella Contact Lenses for?

What's shocking is that these lenses are highly affordable, get your pair for a starting from only USD 32 or AED 117. 

How long should I expect my lenses by?

Delivery is free within the UAE & takes 1-2 business days. International shipping takes 5-7 business days & is free provided you spend a minimum

of USD 49 or alternatively, there will be a fee of USD 10 or equivalent.